Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Can the Agility Centre help your business?

The Agility and Supply Chain Management Centre at the University of Liverpool Management School, assists small businesses to develop and grow using the techniques and tools of agility. In a nutshell, the objective of agility is to ensure that you can thrive in environments characterised by change without any compromise to cost or quality. An example of their services can be shown by their work with Wirral based spice and herb company, Seasoned Pioneers.

Seasoned Pioneers 
Stadium Court, Stadium Road
Plantation Business Park
Bromborough, Wirral
CH62 3RP


The Agility & Supply Chain Management Centre at the University of Liverpool Management School worked with Seasoned Pioneers based in Bromborough on a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The project focused on improving the customer experience on the company’s online store as Seasoned Pioneers placed a greater emphasis on e-commerce in a dynamic marketplace.

Furthermore, the Centre worked with Seasoned Pioneers to develop a specification for a new online store in line with their business strategy and growth ambitions. To support the company’s management the Agility Centre has provided on-going support in commissioning the new site and supporting them through key stages of the tendering process through to final implantation.

  • Improve knowledge of technology advancements allowing them to take better control of their online presence.
  • The company reported a direct increase in sales due to improved customer engagement through the existing website and new platform for email marketing implemented by the centre.
  • Overall the company reported having a wider breadth of technical knowledge and improved strategic vision coupled with a clear specification for the future development of their online presence.

“We really appreciate all that Malik has done for us. The way we handle our IT is really crucial to us as online sales become a more significant part of our business, and there is no doubt at all that orders are up!”Matt Webster, Managing Director.

Project Team:
Dr Hossam Ismail
Mr Malik Husain

For further information on the Agility Centre:
Jenny Poolton
t. 0151 795 3641

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