Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Why women make great leaders...

Are you a female manager or business owner? Would you like to be a more confident leader and grow your business? Are you sick of hearing tired cliches about female bosses? Statistics show that men are still twice as likely to set up in business as women, apply for funding and business support and earn considerably higher than their female counterparts.

The University of Liverpool is currently looking for female leaders in Merseyside who would like to build their confidence and management skills through a highly effective 8 month programme. GrowthCatalyst addresses the needs of female business owners and managers in Merseyside by providing a strong peer network of other high level leaders, individual coaching and an enviable masterclass series.

Research carried out through the University of Liverpool Management School has shown that the growth of any business depends heavily upon the personal development of its leader.

Sandie Bailey, director of Wirral based company, Inclusive Access, certainly found this to be true after attending a leadership programme through the school:

“I was able to discover how my personal actions impacted upon the performance of my staff..I now ensure that my staff are clear about their objectives, and target and measured output, rather than input. This has freed me up to do other things in the business”

GrowthCatalyst programme manager Richard Holloway explains how the programme benefits female leaders:

“We are careful to have a fine balance of female experts delivering their experience through the programme, such as Dr. Lisa Anderson, who is world leading in Action Research and some fantastic female business coaches such as Ros Faulker. We have found that women’s needs as leaders are different to those of men, and work closely with them to improve confidence and allow them to achieve their goals”

The University boasts an impressive number of female figures in leadership, such as Professor Laura McAllister (pictured below), who has just been voted one of the top 50 figures in sport for Wales. Professor of Governance at the University of Liverpool’s School of Management and a former team captain of Wales Football International, Laura is widely recognised for her successful campaign to increase female leadership in Sport and her research on management and leadership amongst women.

Laura will speak about how female leaders can overcome gender based barriers and lead their businesses to success as part of the GrowthCatalyst event series on the 30th April from 6-8pm at the University of Liverpool Management School. Click here for more details.

GrowthCatalyst coach and multi sector entrepreneur, Ros Faulkner will be delivering a free session this Friday, 25th April at the Liverpool Chamber of commerce for any managers or business leaders on getting the most out of your team. Click here for more details.

You can see how GrowthCatalyst works for working with female leaders or contact Caroline White for more details on 0151 795 0558 /

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